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Hey there, it’s Michaele Harrington here and I’d like to warmly welcome you to my about me page.

I designed this blog to empower entrepreneurs just like you, to discover their unique passions and take the next step on their journey.

When I started out as an entrepreneur, it never occurred to me to focus on developing what I was already good at. I never questioned most of my training, I just followed the status quo so to speak. I would love to say I was a super fast learner in terms of challenging what I was taught, but I wasn’t. I went on to create a full time income with my first opportunity but it came at a huge cost. Night after night I would get to bed at 3am or later (due to international time zones) and my mornings were spent following up from where I left off in the wee hours. Afternoons were spent running packages to the post office.

Reflecting back, I used to secretly wish I could erase the word duplication from the dictionary! When people asked me to share my story on conference calls, I would decline. Because I knew what I was doing to achieve success wasn’t duplicatable. There was no way I wanted to publicly admit that I didn’t have a life!

So what changed?

Well to be honest, what really changed was the world we live in. Technology was moving ahead at lightening speed, only I hadn’t caught on to the powerful direction it was heading in. I didn’t realize that something as simple as skype could have had an impact on the silly hours I was keeping. A whole new world had been evolving right before my eyes that I never knew existed! I still thought Facebook was for bored office workers who wanted to send silly jokes to each other.

It wasn’t until 2009 that I decided to search for training from some of the most successful marketers in the industry. But I didn’t stop there… I quickly realized that there were so many layers to putting all the pieces together. Having never imagined that having my own Blog would be a major piece of the puzzle, I went in search of more training. Learning about building websites wasn’t easy for me but I was hugely committed.

“Then the heartbreak came when I hit a wall.”

After months of dedication, I realized I had a huge flaw in my marketing efforts…

My websites had no traffic! I knew that self promotion wasn’t the way to get traffic from the Social Networking sites so I was stuck.

Fortunately for me, I came across the concepts I needed to turn things around at exactly the right time.

Fast forward to 2011…

I’ve since learnt that being an unstoppable, high ranking, lead generating force on Google is not just something that only the gurus can achieve. With some marketing knowledge, drive and dedication, anyone can do this if they are committed.

My passion is in sharing my knowledge to help others see how incredibly powerful these concepts are. My goal is to help you see, that you have incredibly unique talents, no matter what stage of the learning process you’re in right now.

Yours in awesome Success,

Michaele Harrington

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