Alpha Influence Leadership Program Review

Alpha Influence is the most powerful, unique leadership training I’ve ever come across

Before I get into that, I bet you’ve noticed how quiet things have been on my blog for the last couple of months!

Firstly, while I won’t bore you with the details, I got a little push button happy with the W3 total cache plugin settings one night and the result was it literally wiped my blog out. I’m talking literally just a banner hanging in mid air with no theme!

It wasn’t a pretty situation as it deleted comments, reset social media buttons and all kinds of stuff and it dragged out for weeks.

Anyway it’s all fixed now and to that end, I’d like to do a big shout out to my WordPress knight in shining armor, Wayne Hatter. Should you ever wake up to find your blog hanging in the middle of cyberspace in desperate need of help, do yourself a favor and click here to bookmark Wayne’s WordPress Live Help. Believe me you’ll be thankful one day :)

And the second reason I’ve been quiet is the whole reason for this post. The Alpha Influence leadership training has had such an impact on my life, I’ve been working behind the scenes creating a new blog dedicated entirely to the principals and insights I’ve learned. More on that at the end of this post.

When it comes to online marketing courses, I’m just as tired as you are of seeing the same stuff re hashed. Not only does it take a LOT to get my attention, there are only a handful of people who have made it past my complex detail oriented BS radar! While there are lots of pieces of software and widgets I’ve tested that I stand behind, it’s not the case when it comes to courses that actually produce a result.

In fact the only course I’ve ever endorsed on my personal blog was when I first found out about the tribe mastermind community.

The difference with the Alpha Influence program is it addresses the very core of leadership, your ability to control non productive automatic behaviors and start influencing and producing results. In a nutshell, it cuts straight to the core of your inner game.

If you’ve ever done any weekend leadership training courses, you know what it feels like to come away feeling like you can conquer the world. Believe me I’ve done my fair share and I’m now seeing the same high from friends of mine that temporarily feel unstoppable.

There is an enormous amount of energy that’s generated from these types of trainings and I’m not knocking them. In fact I highly encourage you to get to the next one of these events as they are amazing networking opportunities. But when it comes to shifting things at the core, none of them scratch the surface in comparison to how powerful Alpha Influence is. This is a totally unique online leadership training that teaches you how to influence people in any niche, by totally mastering your inner game.

The heart of Alpha Influence focuses on having complete mastery over your emotions through learning to control your MARM (minds automatic recall machine).

Otherwise known to those on the inside of this community as the Minds Automatic Recall Machine. And when I say mastery, I’m talking stress, anxiety, fear, doubt, timidness, shyness, failure mindset, distraction, inertia and any other illusions you have going on. If you’ve ever thought stress or overwhelm was something you just had to live with, prior to Alpha Influence so did I!

Most people are walking around with a level of awareness equivalent to a zombie. They are puppets, of their own minds and of everything that’s going on around them. They have no clue that everything that is going on in their lives is because they’ve become the influenced, rather than the influencer. Prior to doing the Alpha Influence training, I honestly had no idea I too had become a puppet of my own mind…

Once I began to understand my own M.A.R.M. and the impact it was having, everything started changing. Now I’m not talking about sitting around doing affirmations all day long waiting for the Law of ‘Hopeful’ attraction to kick in. Alpha influence isn’t about hope or luck, it’s based on taking action. It ingrains Passionate Desire, focused Will Power & Significant Action into your psyche. It has nothing to do with sitting on your butt hoping the universe will deliver!

So what impact did Ryan Angelo’s Leadership Program have on me…?

For a start, I went from varying levels of stress and overwhelm to waking up day after day thinking this is the happiest day of my life for no particular reason. I now enjoy and appreciate things and people, that previously drove me up the wall! Not to mention creating trust and rapport with whoever I choose.
When I face challenges, they feel like some sort game that’s been put in front of me for a reason and I look forward to the hurdles rather than dreading them. After the balanced blood module I lost weight (oops that one wasn’t something I needed but never mind!). I’m more focused, less distracted and action oriented than I’ve ever been. Some of you will have noticed entire weeks where I’m not on Facebook at all :) I’ve completed projects that I previously couldn’t even get off the ground. When I’m challenged with any highly charged situation, I can easily bring myself back into a calm state before my emotions kick in. I can see through and pick up on subtle cues in people that they probably aren’t even aware of themselves <== A skill every Alpha Influencer has mastered!

Watch the Alpha Influence video on Youtube!

The video above and what I’ve written so far, barely touches the surface. I honestly don’t think any sales page will ever do the course justice.

The material in Alpha Influence is so powerful and so unique, I can’t imagine it not being totally game changing for anyone, no matter what industry or profession.

You need to experience the training to know what I’m talking about. Even your partner, your kids and friends could benefit from it. And the influence droplets that you’ll create once you have this knowledge, will change more lives (including your own) than you can possibly imagine right now. I’ve had some close friends start the Alpha Influence training recently and they have all called me in the first week with a major breakthrough. Not weeks or months, but their first week!

This is not a learn the latest and greatest tips and tricks type of course, this is foundational, success defining stuff. This will take any and all marketing efforts you currently have going on to a level you never imagined. Not to mention the influence you’ll have over your prospects or anyone else you choose!

The course had such an impact on my business and life, I’m now half way through the mastery program and can’t wait to update you on the insights I’m gaining from taking it to the next level. The course is seriously so unique, my hope is that as the number of students grows, the message about this material spreads to millions of entrepreneurs, online or offline.

I’m seriously excited to be launching my new Alpha Influence blog to play a big part in making sure that happens :)

It’s just getting ready to launch but I’d truly love to see you over at Alpha Influence and would appreciate your feedback.

And if you’d like to find out more about the leadership course, click here to go directly to the Alpha Influence Program page.

Whether you’ve heard about the course, never heard about it or just want to share some insight, I would love to hear from you in the comments below.


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19 thoughts on “Alpha Influence Leadership Program Review”

  1. I was always fond of Steve Siebold and John Maxwell for leadership training. 21 irrefutable laws of leadership is an excellent book and anything Siebold writes is gold! Thanks for the information in the post too!

  2. I loved your Review on Alpha Influence & thank you for the introduction to this course.
    I am only on week 3 of the basic course but I am loving it immensely even though everything about the course is all so new to me.
    I have not ever done or seen anything like this before.
    Thanks again,

    • Hi Jean,

      I’m so glad you started the Alpha Influence program and are loving it. I know it’s all new stuff (it was for me too) but that’s the best part don’t you think?
      Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to hearing how week 4 went :-)

  3. Hi Michaelé,

    glad to hear that you were able to fix the wipe out of your blog. Scares me to death…

    I agree that the outer world and the inner world can be two completely different playgrounds. If they are, we will get in trouble and struggle. We have to change our inner world because the outer world is only a reflection of what’s going on inside of us.

    Glad that this program helped you tremendously.

    Thanks for sharing your insights.

    Take care


    • Hi Oliver,

      Yeah it was scary and one of those things that you only ever hear happen to ‘other’ people. The one day suddenly it’s you lol!
      The great thing is that it presented challenges in terms of me launching my new blog, which just confirmed that I was on track.

      Great to see you hear and thanks for stopping by :)

  4. Hi Michaele,
    First of all, it is so nice to see you in a video! Your energy and professionalism shine through the camera. :)

    You know how much I value your reviews of programs, software packages, techie stuff, and the like, so your endorsement of this Alpha Influence program makes me take notice. Like you, I am tired of all the re-hashed nonsense floating about, and will not shell out another penny for anything unless I am 100% sure my money will give me a tremendous ROI — both in time AND money.

    Now that I have read your review and heard you speak about how much impact it has had on your life, I am going to seriously take a look at this program later this summer when things slow down a bit and I can devote the proper time these kinds of programs require. Thanks for your candid and thorough review of the program and how it can really make a difference in our lives!

    Mary Lou

    • Hi Mary Lou,

      Thank you for your kind words and yes video is a rare occasion for me as you know! I’m planning to step up the pace on my new blog though :)
      Gee I had no idea I’d become such a techie reviewer but I guess I’m a bit partial to keeping up with geeky gizmos lol.
      So glad you’re having a look at the program though. It’s just so unique and I never hear people saying that about the latest course.

      Speaking of unique, that is one heck of a funky title you have for your latest post. I’m off to check it out!

  5. Hi Michaele, glad to see your blog back again!

    Sounds like you and I have been doing similar stuff! I went to an event up here in Brisbane, where John Assaraf talked about training the mind. And, of course, I purchased his course, and feeling wonderful about it also. It’s probably different content, but the end results should be the same. Thanks so much for your review, it sounds fantastic Michaele. And, I agree with you so much, that this kind of course will be more worthwhile than all the internet “how to” courses put together! bye for now, Julieanne

    • Hey Julieanne,

      I’m glad to see my blog back too!
      Gosh now I’ve read your comment, I remember you mentioned John Assaraf on facebook and that message is still sitting somewhere in my inbox. Oops!
      If you have any information or a URL, I’d love to take a look. Here’s to slowing down the ‘how to’ courses and spreading the information about solid, impacting stuff.

      Great to have see you here :)

  6. Hi Michaela,

    Loved your review and congrats on your new blog!
    I went to click on the link for Alpha Influence Insights but it didn’t work..?
    Very interested to check it out when the site is up.

    • Hey Sam,

      Thanks so much for your support and for letting me know about the link.
      I just noticed last night I had a plugin that was overriding my themes settings and hijacking some links.
      Suffice to say the little bugger has been deactivated!
      It should work now but just in case, the direct URL is

      It’s still a work in progress but I look forward to your feedback.

  7. Hey there mate,thank you for the shout out. Nice to see the blog still standing strong.

    By the way, for anyone else reading these comments, know this: Michaele is the real deal. No fluff no hype kinda gal.

    Ok, I’m done now. :)

    • Hey Wayne,

      I’m a little late back here as I’ve been over in your country for the last 8 days.
      Thanks for your comment, you’re too kind! And it’s thanks to you that my blog is still standing. I appreciate you :)

  8. Hi Michaele

    I agree it is so good to see you on video. You must do this more often as you have a great style and it was nice to get more of a sense of who you are.

    Thanks for doing this review. Am I correct in thinking this is Ryan Angleo’s course? If so I have been fascinated by him and somewhat wary at the same time. Not sure I guess so it is great to have this feedback.

    I am now very intrigued.



    • Hi Sue,

      Thanks for the great feedback on my video :) I know it makes such a difference in connecting with people. I’ll be doing more of them over on my Alpha Influence blog.

      And yes you are correct, it is Ryan Angelo’s program. That’s so interesting that you mentioned being somewhat wary. When I first came across his material I was listening to one of his videos and I can remember thinking “who is this guy anyway and I don’t even know if I trust him…”

      All as I can say is I’m so glad I never let that stop me. Not only is his material unique, he is one of the most genuine, purpose oriented coaches you could ever come across.

      If you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them privately or on Skype.

      I appreciate your openness :)

  9. Hello Michaele just heard about this program and was curious so I started googling and now here we are. Very nice description and I am always glad to hear about a program that actually has helped someone. Have a question I see a mention of a basic and advanced course is there an upsell?


    • Hey Steve,

      Thanks for letting me know that Google is sending some love my way!

      Great question and yes there is a Basic level and a Mastery level. At the moment he is still only charging $97 for the intro level, which is ridiculously low considering the impact his program is having.
      As far as the upsell, the way it works is everyone on the 4 week Alpha Influence intro program has access to a 2 week free trial of the Mastery level. If they choose to upgrade, the mastery level goes for 16 weeks.

      I’m currently on week 10 of Mastery and I can tell you that the subliminal audios Ryan’s included are hugely powerful.

      Anyway great to have you here and if you have any questions you want answered privately, just send me a message on Facebook.

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