Alpha Influence Leadership Program Review

Alpha Influence is the most powerful, unique leadership training I’ve ever come across Before I get into that, I bet you’ve noticed how quiet things have been on my blog for the last couple of months! Firstly, while I won’t bore you with the details, I got a little push button happy with the W3 … Read more

2 Simple Tools To Skyrocket Your Credibility Within Minutes

It’s no secret that online video is one of the most powerful marketing mediums on the planet. Creating your first however, can be a huge challenge.  After all, there’s shyness to overcome,   technical knowledge to learn and a reasonable amount of time commitment to make them look professional.   If you fall into that category,  all … Read more

3 Key Reasons Your Network Marketing Team Might Not Be Duplicating

Have you ever wondered why your Network Marketing team isn’t duplicating as fast as you’d like? Depending on how closely you’ve looked at the culture you’re creating within your organization, these 3 key points could be the make or break in your teams success. Are your new team members motivated by money or recognition? Have … Read more

5 Powerful Blog Plugins That Build Community & Increase Page Views

What are the best WordPress plugins to build community and traffic? I’ve been noticing lately that so many really well designed blogs, that have awesome content, still lack an important crucial aspect…. Social proof and a sense of community! It kinda got me thinking of the analogy of being invited to a party at the … Read more

Are MLM Replicated Websites Effective At Growing Your Business?

Have you ever noticed a company replicated capture page that says “You can have your very own website, just like this one”? If you have, then that statement alone should be an alarm bell and I’ll talk more about why in a moment. On the surface, most of these replicated sites look pretty darn sexy, … Read more

Network Marketing From The ‘Inside’ Out – Finding Hope From Prison

One of the things I’ve always loved about Network Marketing, is that it leaves no stone unturned when it comes to personal growth. In this post I’m sharing a real life story that started last year and continues to be one of the most inspiring learning curves I’ve encountered so far…. We all keep regular … Read more

How To Not Lose Credibility On The Social Media Sites

Welcome to the latest and most ineffective way to build your Network Marketing business! Have you ever walked up to a complete stranger, asked for their Twitter and Facebook profiles, waited politely for 5 minutes and then started shouting at them? If you ever feel tempted, please give me a call first so I can … Read more