2 Simple Tools To Skyrocket Your Credibility Within Minutes

It’s no secret that online video is one of the most powerful marketing mediums on the planet.

Creating your first however, can be a huge challenge.  After all, there’s shyness to overcome,   technical knowledge to learn and a reasonable amount of time commitment to make them look professional.   If you fall into that category,  all of your excuses are about to be swept from under your feet!   I’m about to show you a video branding tool that is super fast and easy to use, that will skyrocket your credibility.   It’s called Google Search Stories Video Creator and you’ll find it on YouTube.

In under 5 minutes this powerful little gem will allow you to create a video from Google’s search results all about you.   You can choose results from blogs, images, news and general search.   Choose your music, add a title and with the click of one button, your masterpiece is uploaded directly to YouTube! Imagine the boost to your credibility having a video that shows all of the Google search results on your brand.   But the power doesn’t end there…

Google Search Stories Video Creator is also a powerful way of telling a story.

As well as the obvious plus for your personal branding, you can also create stories around your affiliate products, your Network Marketing opportunity and just about anything else you can think of.   Rather than show you an example of a personal video, I decided to have some fun and create a video about the founders of my Tribe Community.

If you don’t want your Search Story to look like everyone elses, here’s how to stand out from the crowd and take your video to the next level.

Check out the updated video below compared to the first video and I think you’ll agree, the extra 8 seconds in length, makes a difference. Oh and just a tiny thing I forgot to mention…. By the time I woke up the next day, this video was ranked number 4 for the search term ‘Social Media Tribes’.   How cool is that for SEO 101!

Ok so lets dig in to how to create one your own branded video!

This is getting slightly more technical but I promise it’s still easy, and will take you an extra 15 minutes.   You do want to stand out don’t you ;-)

  • Take your newly created masterpiece and download it from YouTube to your computer.
  • While logged into your YouTube account, click on my videos and find the Search Stories Video you just created.
  • Now you should see Edit, Insight and a downward pointing drop down arrow.
  • Click on this and select Download MP4

Now your masterpiece in the making is on your computer!

Next head over to OneTrueMedia and create a Premium account ($3.99 a month).

  • Login and click on create.
  • Go to add images and video clips and  click upload photos and video.
  • The next screen will say select files so  choose the name of the file you just downloaded from Youtube.
  • Repeat this step and upload a powerful graphic or logo that has to do with your message.
  • Next ignore all the options to add music text etc and go straight to Edit & Sequence.   Now you will see your uploaded files.
  • Make sure your graphic is before the video file and click directly on it.
  • Leave all the properties as they are and click on effects.
  • Choose an effect from the dropdown menu, save it and you’re almost done!

Final tip:  Download the video directly to your computer before uploading to Youtube as it removes the OneTrueMedia branding.

Now the reason we want to leave all the properties as they are and just choose and apply an effect, is to save time. This is one of those cool services that have a million and one options but we don’t want to be there fluffing around all day!   If you like the effect I chose, it’s called Metropolis.

If you’ve made your own Search Story, make sure you come back and post your link in the comments, I’d love to see it.  Did you think the extra time spent over at One True Media was worth the effort?   Post a comment below and let me know your thoughts on this incredibly simple, yet powerful tool.


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40 thoughts on “2 Simple Tools To Skyrocket Your Credibility Within Minutes”

  1. This is really awsome content. Something useful that marketers can take away and use.
    I get so tired of all the fluff around lately.
    Finally a blog post that I can learn from, take away and benefit from.
    This would also be really cool for making a few extra bucks, setting these up for clients.
    Thanks Michaele

    Marty Ware
    The SEO DAD

    • Hey Marty,

      I’m with you on the tired of fluff!
      I think using YouTube’s Search story feature would be awesome for your clients.
      Having seen some of the amazing videos you’ve done, I think you have a pretty amazing satisfied customer base either way.

      Give me a shout when you have your first client ‘search story’ video up. I would love to hear their reaction :)


    • Hi Val,

      I don’t know about you but I’m just loving all the crazy technology we have at our fingertips these days!
      Make sure you come back and post your video :)


  2. Great Post Michaele.

    I like that video. That is really cool. So what makes the video so powerful in SEO terms. I’m interested. Would love to hear your thoughts.

    • Hey Nick,

      In terms of what makes the video powerful in seo terms, it really boils down to the speed that google announced in their recent ‘caffeine’ update.
      “Caffeine provides 50 percent fresher results for web searches than our last index, and it’s the largest collection of web content we’ve offered. Whether it’s a news story, a blog or a forum post, you can now find links to relevant content much sooner after it is published than was possible ever before.”

      Coupled with that, on August 10th, they posted the following update for webmasters:

      Help test some next-generation infrastructure

      Monday, August 10, 2009 at 4:14 PM
      To build a great web search engine, you need to:

      Crawl a large chunk of the web.
      Index the resulting pages and compute how reputable those pages are.
      Rank and return the most relevant pages for users’ queries as quickly as possible.
      For the last several months, a large team of Googlers has been working on a secret project: a next-generation architecture for Google’s web search. It’s the first step in a process that will let us push the envelope on size, indexing speed, accuracy, comprehensiveness and other dimensions. The new infrastructure sits “under the hood” of Google’s search engine, which means that most users won’t notice a difference in search results. But web developers and power searchers might notice a few differences, so we’re opening up a web developer preview to collect feedback.

      Personally I think it’s hugely exciting to see the speed that our online activities are showing up on Google nowadays!


  3. Hi Michaele!
    You have done it again! All I can say is WOW! What an AWESOME blog post with such terrific, simple instructions to make a powerful promotional video! I have used OneTrueMedia in the past and liked the results. I am now excited to create my own promotional video and have some fun with it. Love what you did with for the Empowered Tribe. And I agree –> the extra 8 seconds you added makes a HUGE difference in overall impact!

    Great work, Michaele!

    Mary Lou

    • Mary Lou,

      The fact that you find my instructions simple has made this whole post worthwhile!
      Sometimes I really labor over covering details as I’m a detail person and so I write as though I’m teaching myself lol.
      OneTrueMedia is an awesome resource but if your personality is anything like mine, you can tend to fluff around in there for ages.
      Hence the reason for offering the effect I chose upfront.
      Make sure you pop back with the Search Story on Mary Lou Kayser. I can’t wait to see it.


  4. And to think you were terrified to do video when you first took our course! You have come a long way and you have so much value to give!

    Video is the way to go and many small businesses are starting to understand that and use video with their marketing now.

    If you’re not using it…START!!

    • Lol Michael,

      Yep video has been a biggie for me! And I have to thank you guys for setting up the 30 challenge.
      Looking at the small biz arena, this phenomenon is only in its infancy.
      There is a whole other world of opportunity out there at the moment for anyone interested in coaching small businesses on the power of video.
      And thats just the start!


  5. Michaele,

    These are great videos! Ok i’m a little biased about the content, but I had no idea this was possible. I’m going to have fun playing with this new toy!

    Ken Pickard
    The Network Dad

  6. Hey Michaele, your fabulously brilliant! I’m gonna give this a whirl! I’m so impressed with your noggin…this stuff is a pain in the ass for me, but it just rolls off you like sunshine! Hopefully I won’t “be fluffing around all day” figuring this out!

    Thanks my dear friend, Kim

    • Hi Kim,

      You always put a smile on my face and manage to make me laugh!
      I wish it was true that it rolled off me like sunshine but the truth is, I find all new things a pain in the butt to learn too.
      Ok well not all of them!
      Now I hope you didn’t spend all day fluffing around making a video as the rules of my post were NO fluffing :)


  7. Michaele,
    Once again you’ve come up with a brilliant way to spread your marketing message. This looks like a cool alternative to actual video you can do yourself. It’s a nice change of pace. The only thing left now is to create one.

  8. Hi Michaele

    I love this! Thanks for sharing it!

    … and how awesome for Mary Lou Kayser to do a post featuring you! (gorgeous photo). What a compliment (VERY well deserved, I must add!).

    It’s great to see you powering along so well! Congratulations!

    ~ Kylie ~

    • Hey Kylie,

      Thank you so much for alerting me to Mary Lou’s post. I had no idea and was completely humbled!
      Your support has been incredible and I’m glad to see you back online.
      I remember talking to you about video so I think the search stories tool is going to be a perfect one for your arsenal.


  9. Aloha Michaele,

    Absolutely brilliant! Thank you, thank you! Such a great tool for all of us to use! It is so fascinating when you look at all of the tools available today! Thank goodness for wonderful people like you who share them with us!

    Much mahalo (thank you) my dear friend! You are truly a blessing!

    Kellie :)

    • Hi Kellie,

      I agree that the tools at our fingertips nowadays are just mind boggling aren’t they!
      I’m now able to create things that look high tech with practically no tech knowledge at all.
      My mission is to continue to find these tools and present them in such a way, that everyone finds them simple to use.
      Hmm, I think I have an idea for my next post on a super spy tool :)

      • Okay, you got me glued to your blog dear friend! What a great mission and you are truly the one to help us “non-techie’s” out here…. Lots of gratitude Michaele! Aloha :)

        • Kellie,

          My gratitude goes back to you for the incredible support you show everyone online.
          I never would have imagined I would be simplifying techie stuff for people but it just happened lol.


  10. Michaelé, you are fast becoming the ‘Techie Queen’.

    Really smart marketing tool you have discovered and shared with us. Thanks.

    I can see how I could be able to use this. As Don said, the only thing left now is to create one.

    And yes, a video without having to show your face. I like that. Not that I don’t want to see your face. It’s more that I don’t need to show mine.


    • John,

      You made me smile as I like to tout myself as the non Techie Queen.
      Having said that, I enjoy breaking things down so that everyone feels they make use of the latest online gizmos that come out.
      Looking forward to both your Search Stories video and the one featuring you!


    • Hi Julianne,

      Yes it doesn’t get much simpler than the Search Stories video creator!
      A photo on the video is a great idea and thats where One True Media is another great ‘easy to use’ tool.


    • Hey Richard,

      Well done on getting out there and creating one straight up.
      I think the result you had was great and you were in luck with the music choice.
      Glad you had fun!


  11. Michaele – I will have to check this out but I have a few questions – so looks like i need to study it more! This might even be a great topic for out TT if you are willing:) Thanks for the info. It is refreshing to see something new and useful!

    • Hi Glyna,

      I’m more than happy to answer questions on our next call.
      We just ran out of time this week with lots of other awesome stuff didn’t we!


  12. Michaele,
    I love it! Videos are so powerful and that was something that is really unique.
    Excellent instructions as well, so will have to get busy making my own. Did that music come from youtube or did you choose it independently?

    • Hi Deirdre,

      I see a real trend at the moment with many people who want to get started in videos, wanting an alternative to featuring in them.
      These tools are just touching the surface.
      Yes the music I chose was directly from YT so there’s no need to worry about copyright issues.


  13. Hi Michaele,

    I have known about One True Media for a while but “Google Search Stories Video Creator” was all news to me. I learned a great deal from this excellent post. Very creative – thank you!


    • Hey Marcus,

      Glad you liked it as it’s such a super simple tool to use.
      Now you can go and combine it with your One True Media expertise :)
      Don’t forget to come back and post one of your videos!


  14. All I can say is brilliant. I want this tool now. What a great job of putting a compelling video together about our Empowered Tribe. Knocked out of the ball park on this post.

    Thank you!!!

    • Hey Faith,

      I was just manually clearing out my Akismet folder and there you were. Grr! Sorry!
      Glad you liked the video and I can’t wait to see what everyone is creating.

      Technology is just wonderful isn’t it :)


  15. The extra 8 seconds do make a big difference. I have posted a few videos on youtube before, but they did not come out as good as this one. An awesome video. Loved the music. It is very intense. You already anwered someone’s question that it came from You Tube, but what is the name of it? And one more question. What is the best (and least expensive) software that will record what you see on your computer screen (you typing for example) to a video (I googled it and, I think it is called a scan converter).
    Thank you.

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