39 thoughts on “A Brand New YouTube Feature To Add Value To Your Email Marketing Campaign”

    • Hey Jesse,

      I agree, Youtube is so much simpler and of course there is no hosting fee.
      As far as I know, the new ‘Unlisted Video Url’s’ will still whisk you off to YT.
      I can’t really think of any other way they could do it can you?

  1. What a great new feature! Thanks for letting me know about it.

    I just went and tried making my optin video unlisted, and it worked. I was worried that unlisting it would make it disappear from the blog, but it didn’t, so that’s fantastic. Thanks again!
    .-= Ruby Rynne´s last blog ..What’s Your Onion Jam? =-.

    • Hi Ruby,

      It’s definitely one of the best changes to YT I’ve seen in a while!
      I did the same test with the embed code yesterday and it appears to work perfectly.
      It’s a little strange that they haven’t yet mentioned the embed code feature but I guess as it’s ‘hot off the press news’, they’ll get to it down the track.

      Thanks for stopping by :)

    • Hey Kellie,

      Personally I’ve found Viddler to be quite fiddly in terms of the Secret URL feature.
      I’m just walking on sunshine now that a site as super simple as YouTube has given us such a powerful tool.
      Can’t wait to be invited to your ‘Unlisted’ videos :)


  2. Great, I was searching for something along the lines of this. I was wondering, do you think newsletters are still an effective way of marketing online? Does anybody still use them successfully and actually get readers?

    Appreciate the help!

    • Hi Lauren,

      I think anything that is giving value to your readers can be used successfully.
      Which ever medium you choose to use, it’s the content thats important.


    • Hey Ange,

      Glad you enjoyed the tip and you have an excellent blog yourself.
      I popped over to have a look tonight and not only do you have a nice clean layout, it’s filled with valuable content!

      Great to see you here :)


      • Hey Michaele!
        Thanks so much! I draw them myself:) I am so sorry about my late
        response…I am just going through my email for the week and I just
        noticed your reply.

        I am going to send you an invite on Facebook:)

        • Hey Jeremiah,

          Great to have you back :)

          What an awesome talent you have for drawing. I’m impressed.
          Looking forward to getting to know you on Facebook.


  3. Michaele,
    This is some great information. I didn’t know that you could now share private videos with more than 25 people. Great news and thanks for passing that on.

    I can tell you know a lot about video. So, come on…pick up the camera :-)

    • Don,

      I just found you today in my Akismet spam folder! Something I’ve never thought to check before but will be keeping an eye on it from now on.
      Oh and re the camera, its coming, it’s coming lol.
      But just for today, I’m making a tutorial that I don’t need to be in ;-)


  4. How lucky we are to have people like you Michaelé to research this kind of technical intricacy for us and then generously share it with us! I had always wondered how to have some videos on youtube I didn’t want EVERYONE to be able to view..Now I know!

    Thanks Darl!!

    • I must admit Sandhan that I do love new techie stuff.

      Not sure that I am the best person to do the research as my next blog post has taken me a couple of days to put together lol.
      I can be slow when it comes to explaining the techie stuff!

      Thanks for stopping by with your kind words :)

      Rock on Youtube!


  5. Hi Michaele,
    Thanks for sharing this privacy feature from YouTube. I must confess, I have not used YouTube to the degree that many other online marketers have, but any tip that gives us users more control over what is seen and by whom is a GOOD thing!

    Feeling misled is one of the worst feelings in the world, and can destroy trust immediately — and permanently. I predict as we continue to move forward in this online marketing journey, more and more of the tools available to us will offer the kinds of controls we users demand so that we come across to our potential business partners as transparent and trustworthy.

    Mary Lou

    • Hi Mary Lou,

      You and me both re using Youtube!

      I still thought this was very powerful for our video tutorials.
      As you mentioned, people don’t like to to feel misled and they certainly don’t like to find that they opted into something that was already available to everyone without opting in!


  6. Hi Michaele~

    Thanks so much for sharing this awesome new feature! Why this has been so complicated is beyond me ~ sure seems to just make logical sense that people would want the option to keep certain videos private! Glad to know YouTube is coming around!

    And yes, I hope all the people who have their opt-ins public will go change them asap because that is definitely unprofessional!

    • Hi Beth,

      Yeah Youtube has been a little slow in some areas considering the absolute giant its become!
      Just yesterday I uploaded a Jing video that is out of sync (for Mac users) and this ‘known’ issue still hasn’t been resolved.
      I’m with you on making the opt in’s private, hopefully the word about this new feature spreads fast :)


  7. This is great to know, Michaele.

    I’ve had trouble keeping my videos under 10 minutes, so often use Dailymotion instead. It does have a private feature, but frankly, I don’t know if there’s a limit on how many people it can be shared with.

    I’d love to hear YT increase that 10 minute limit to 20! Maybe that’s next?? Keep us posted. I’ll be back!

    • Hey David,

      Wow I wonder how many requests a day YT gets to lift their 10 minute limit?
      I’m not much of a ‘lengthy talker on video’ kind of person but thanks for letting me know about Dailymotion :)


  8. This seems like an absolutely fantastic tool!

    What a huge amount of potential with minimal problems. I have heard of the issues that people were previous facing in using YouTube, but this newly enabled feature will solve a lot of problems and also add a far more efficient tool to an internet marketers tool box.

    Thanks for pointing this improved feature out Michaele ;)

    • Josh,

      Yes it’s so great to see Youtube is listening to feedback and constantly improving. Just last week they extended their video length to 15 minutes!
      This is a pretty exciting update for many that like to ramble a lot lol! But on a serious note, the extra time will be great for those who like doing detailed tutorials.

      Well since we keep seeming to run into each other, I think a skype chat is in order :)


  9. Sounds great and I will keep this up my sleeve. You can also use Weebly.com to create unbranded videos.
    You do need to have a Pro account though.
    The video is limited to 100 MB but you can make as many of these as you like, and also hide the url link.
    Anyway it’s just another option to think about!
    Happy everything
    Marty Ware

    • Hey Marty,

      I had no idea you could use Weebly for unbranded videos, as I’d only ever known it as a platform for creating websites.
      Thanks for sharing and I’d love to know more about it!


  10. Thanks Michaele, This is a killer Tip, OMG! This Tip is going to HELP so many people, myself included… see this is what it’s all about… “GIVING VALUE”… “HELPING OTHERS”… without asking for anything in return. I Love that, so thanks so much! Christina

    • Hey Christina,

      That’s exactly what it’s all about! And the best part is, it feels great to give out value.
      Especially when someone like you comes along and says that something has been helpful.

      Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate your feedback.


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