How To Create A Raving Tribe Of Cheerleaders Begging To Syndicate YOUR Content

Have you noticed there’s a ‘tribal’ buzz happening out there on the Social Networking sites lately?

If you haven’t, I’m going to sum up the benefits in one short sentence…

Put simply, having your own Social Media Tribe = A massive amount of free traffic and eyeballs on your content.

Unless you’ve been online for a while or are an SEO expert, you would have noticed it’s not easy to get your content out there. You know the feeling… You’ve created your masterpiece, installed the latest cool Social Media blog plugins to make it easy for people to syndicate and a week later your little tweetmeme button painfully sits at the grand total of 1. Thanks Mum! Your blog is like ghost town and the few visitors you’re getting are probably being scared away by the lack of ‘social proof’.

Last year after dedicating every spare moment into squeezing in just about every course I could on Social Media Marketing, there was still something critical missing…. If you listened really closely, you could just about hear the tumbleweeds rolling down my blog. Not good!

ENTER: Social Media Tribes & Blogging Alliance To The Rescue!

Ok so at the end of last year, I hooked up with 5 Ghost Busters (aka Social Media leaders), who banished those tumbleweeds, scared off the ghosts and replaced them with a raving bunch of cheerleaders.

Having your own Social Media Tribe is like a mini mastermind group of like minded people who all syndicate each others content. So instead of promoting your own stuff (which you want to keep to a minimum anyway), your Tribe does all the syndicating!

Here is how it works…

First you want to find 4 or 5 other people who are at a similar stage to you in implementing Social Media.

You then set up a ‘Tribe Power Hour’ on skype once a week.

From there, you go through all of each others social networking profiles and start a frenzy of activity. You add comments to their latest blog posts, share them on Facebook, Retweet them, rate videos on Youtube and tag each other having loads of fun. I can tell you from experience that when a bunch of people are out there stirring up fun, people come from everywhere wanting to join in :)

So once you’ve teamed up with a mini mastermind group who each have a few thousand followers on Twitter and a few hundred friends/fans on Facebook, your content is suddenly being sent out to tens of thousands of people. Did I mention this is all in the space of an hour? Now that’s leverage! Guess what happens after this? EVERYTHING suddenly comes alive and your traffic goes through the roof! It’s like the Law of Reciprocity on steroids!

Of course you still need to be producing content and actively engaging in conversation but no matter what industry you’re in, this is a hugely powerful strategy.

I only learned about the concept 8 weeks ago when I partnered up with 5 guys who had created (in my mind) the ‘perfect’ Social Media Tribe. Why perfect? Because each one of them had a specialized area of knowledge on different aspects of the Social Networking sites. There were some cutting edge strategies and funky plugins that I never even knew existed that really took things to the next level.

More about some of these ‘stand out from the crowd’ strategies in my next post.

How about you, do you have a Tribe of cheerleaders on the Social sites yet? Have you thought about using a content syndication ‘power hour’ for maximum leverage?

If you have any questions or stories to share, I’d love to hear from you.



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36 thoughts on “How To Create A Raving Tribe Of Cheerleaders Begging To Syndicate YOUR Content”

  1. I was always wondering what i was missing! Thanks for the enlightenment Michaele, i am starting to grasp the concept now – its just like a party online and everyone is invited if they are happy to contribute. Everyone has something to offer so contribution is easy. Once we get the mindshift that its a party it all clicks into place… must be why its called social media

    • Right on the mark Matt!

      You are an amazingly fast learner, as I have seen some of the awesome stuff you’re doing on the Social sites.

      Keep up the great work :)

    • Thats the best part Jose, no more ‘Lone Ranger’!

      There is nothing more frustrating than going it alone with nowhere to turn when you get stuck.
      What I love about creating a Tribe, is each person brings a different skill set to the table. So when you are stuck, you have a whole Tribe to shout out to.

  2. Completely AWESOME post Michaele! I love it. The “Ghost Busters” helped us all get the tumbleweed off of our blogs. And I absolutely LOVE being a social media cheerleader. Thanks for this informative and fun post. I thoroughly enjoyed the read. Now let’s go tribe it up!!! :-)
    .-= Krista Abbott´s last blog ..Recognizing Your Defining Moments =-.

  3. Great post Michaele! I love your writing style! You have definitely stumbled on a goldmine with the Tribe Syndication. I am brand new to blogging. I really had just barely gotten my blog live when I came across the Tribe Mastermind Intensive and I am amazed by how much traffic and retweet and comment love I have been getting on my blog already.

    I am really looking forward to reading more of your blogs. I can tell you will quickly become one of my favorite bloggers!
    .-= Melissa Wright´s last blog ..In Order to Lead You First Have to Follow =-.

    • Hey thanks Melissa, aren’t you sweet!
      I agree with you on the amazing traffic that Tribe Mastery brings.
      The really cool part is when you start getting comments from complete strangers.
      That is a day to celebrate!

    • I agree about the powerful relationships Kellie.
      I have to say on every course I’ve ever done that the relationships I’ve built through masterminding, have been worth the money alone.

    • Hey Spence,

      I’m glad you found the article useful.
      I had a quick look at your blog and could definitely help with some suggestions.
      If you’d like some help, look me up on Skype ( ozorganics ).

  4. Cheerleaders is a awesome analogy! Win-Win environments make everyone happy! It has been an incredibly powerful observation for all of us that it really is no longer “how much money can someone throw at marketing to get ahead” but rather “how many other people can you help get ahead”! I believe it was Zig Ziglar that said You can have anything you want, as long as you help lots of others get what THEY want. The lone ranger with a loaded wallet can no longer blast their way to the top and stay there. Finally the REST of us, with big hearts and pompoms can cheer each other across the finish line!
    .-= Kimberly Castleberry´s last blog ..The FTC Changes & You: Protecting Your Business (Part 1) =-.

    • Hey Kim,

      I agree its how many people we can help get ahead.
      I think if more people woke up each day with the attitude of “who can I help today”, they would be surprised at how quickly things would take off.
      I love your lone ranger analogy as isn’t that what Tribes are about… Cheering each other across the finish line :)

  5. Michaelé,

    Great post. I love the visual affect of having a Raving Tribe Of Cheerleaders! I love that. The best part is it’s true. Having a tribe of people who will swing by your blog on a regular basis is a powerful force… and it’s free.

    This concept is really catching fire and will be the next wave for all online marketing. I value the friendship and support you bring to the tribe and community.

    Ken Pickard
    The Network Dad

    • Hey Ken,

      Yeah catching on fire is almost an understatement! Imagine where the Tribe concept will be in another 6 months.
      Glad you liked the pic :)

  6. This was just a … little … bit scary for me. I have 2 daughters who were cheerleaders and I thought I was finally done with all that buzz and love…
    It’s BACK!!!
    Well, as usual, my kids are one up on me. I should’ve taken note a long time ago.
    Truly, this was an amazing presentation of tribe power. Thanks for putting me on track Michaele.
    .-= David Merrill´s last blog ..From The Ground Up: The Foundation of Your Online Marketing Business – Part ONE =-.

  7. Magnetic Michaelé,

    Super Cute Title and Picture on this Post! What was equally Shiny was the RAH RAH content! Thank you for the entertaining, creative info on leveraging social media using a Cheerleading Tribe. It’s already left a lasting Impression. ;)

    .-= Tone Floreal´s last blog ..About Tone Floreal =-.

    • Hey Busy Buzzin Tone!

      LOL Re ‘Magnetic Michaelé!

      Glad you liked the pic as I was getting tired of the Social Networking/Social Media ones :)


    • Marcus,

      Spot on, the Tribe concept works like dynamite!
      How awesome to have a fellow Aussie to be sharing the concept with :)


  8. Hi Michaele! How exciting it is to know that social media can be totally leveraged through tribe support. I enjoyed your post AND love your cheerleading picture – go team!

    • Hi Jennifer!

      I agree, the leverage that comes through being a part of a Tribe, has completely changed the way I view Social Media :)


  9. Hi Michaele,

    This is a great post you put together! What a brilliant idea. This is great to stir up a buzz in the social media arena.

    BTW…Thanks for sharing the widget over at JasonBetter

    Chat with you later…

    • Hey Josh,

      I have to say that the whole Tribe concept, completely changed the results I was seeing in Social Media.
      I hope after reading this post you now have your own Tribe in operation…
      Glad you like the plugin :)


    • Hi Jeremy,

      I totally agree about how powerful Tribe Masterminds are.
      I honestly wonder how I would be progressing if I hadn’t come across such an amazing concept.

      Lets keep spreading the word so we can help others!

    • Hey Justine,

      You nailed it! A team is absolutely key no matter where you’re working from.
      Having a mastermind group was a big turning point for me, as I’m sure it has been for many others.

      Thanks for stopping by :)


  10. Hey Michaele,

    This post has lot of wisdom in it.

    Social media has always been about

    Sharing. So many people are worried

    about just getting their Content out

    there, however, there is Awesome Power

    In GIVING, where the Law of Reciprocity

    takes Form, and many Miss it. Thanks for

    brining it back home.

    God Bless you, and I look forward to being

    apart of the Tribe wink:)

    • Hey Ontarian,

      I couldn’t agree more as the law of reciprocity was something I totally didn’t get when I started out.
      There is nothing more powerful in social media and blogging than promoting other people.
      Plus it builds relationships super fast!
      We naturally gravitate towards people who are giving :)


  11. Hi Michaele, I’m a bit late to the party, but I love your blog and your idea of a tribe of cheerleaders for each others blogs. I am fairly new to blogging and off to a good start. My issue is that my target audience is everyday people who are trying to catch up in the world of personal technology. Your analogy of the tumbleweeds was very familiar to me because I am usually the lone Twitterer for my blog posts.

    So, how do I find other bloggers who are at the same stage as I am? Thanks for your helpful blog!

    • Hey Carolyn,

      I’m a little behind on getting back to comments at the moment but I appreciate you taking the time to leave your questions.

      I had a look at your blog and you have some great content!

      In my most recent post, I’ve listed the 3 places that I hang out on Facebook where you can connect with other bloggers. If you connect with the members in any of these 3 groups, they will whole heartedly welcome you and be open to syndicating your content :)


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